Nadal, Nadal, Nadal…komigennurå

Världstvåan och tillika Mallorca grabben Rafael Nadal gjorde ingen Mallorquin glad idag när han förlorade i Shanghai. Tydligen har hela världens top tre åkt på stryk vilket kan ses som en liten tröst kanske då.

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Matchen mot David Nalbandian för drygt en vecka nämner vi inte ens…

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  1. #1 Wioletta
    den 28 Apr 2014 kl 12:55

    Hi Rabbit. No, Fed won’t go away, that’s for sure. I’m thinking we’re going to see Vengeful Fed come this semumr, don’t you? He might be wanting to put a hurt on anybody he can after losing such a close battle on his home turf. I just hope it’s Djoker he spanks the most. m.r. – my predictions? I usually don’t volunteer much about Rafa, as I fear jinxes. Silly, I know, but that’s me. Incidentally, been looking for that post of mine early this year when I told Craig Rafa was going to win Wimby, but can’t find it. I remember that, it is ‘the true’. The Rafa hype is getting to me a bit, intellectually I know he’s probably not going to fare well on HC again, but dang! He fights so hard, you just never know. And I’ve read too many press articles praising him to the heavens lately – easy to get seduced by their rhetoric. I told myself b/f Wimby I’d be thrilled if he can make the semi’s of the USO. Let’s see. (and I didn’t mean ‘odd’ in any gambling sense, if that’s what you meant)

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